An arcade of games that teach people about the addictive mechanisms of social media apps.

Role: UX, Interation, Motion, Brand

Date: 2018

Duration: 4 Months

Oversight Cover


Oversight was my senior capstone project. I worked with a team of four designers two developers and one industrial designer to create an exhibit experience at a technology fair called Imagine RIT. We chose to teach people about the addictive mechanisms of popular mobile apps with a focus on social media. I had two major roles while working on this project, brand designer and interaction designer on two of the games.


As the brand designer I was tasked designing the logo and visual identity that we would be used for the marketing and games of the project. I started by making a moodboard and selecting colors. The team and I wanted to go for a mashup of the 80’s video game arcade and a futuristic dystopia. This lead to bright glowing colors over a dark background.


Oversight Moodboards


Oversight Color Palette


For the logo we wanted to merge the concepts of video games and social media. We also wanted the visual identity to have a serious tone to emphasize the importance of this technology addition. Keeping all of this in mind I drew up some concepts and made over 150 different iterations until we found one that felt right.

Logo Iterations

Oversight Logo Iterations

Final Logo

Oversight Logo


We ended up developing four games to highlight the four most prevalent addictive mechanisms found in modern consumer apps. I designed two of them, Bubbles and Panels.

Room Layout

Each game can stand on its own as a individual experience so that visitors can walk around the room and play an open game much like a real arcade. We also designed posters and a slideshow that introduced visitors to the exhibit and provided additional information about the mechanisms.

Oversight Room Layout
Oversight User Flow


Compete to pop the most bubbles, but avoid hitting the bombs! Bubbles illustrates the idea of competition and scoreboards and how apps and social media platforms use the amount of likes you get, and followers you have as a new form of scoreboard, and ignites a new type of competition between you and your friends to see who is the most popular online.

Oversight Bubble Game


Panels gives you a series of interactions to complete as you race against the clock to clear away as many as you can. Panels illustrates the mechanism called “division of attention”. This mechanism explains how multitasking to achieve small, simple tasks that make us feel accomplished, but these smaller tasks actually distract us from the original tasks we set out to do.

Oversight Bubble Game


I personally learned a boat load from this project. I learned the do’s and don’ts of exhibit design. I learned how to efficiently communicate with other designers on a team. I learned how a brand can be leveraged in the promotion of an event. Also how to design with kids in mind. If you like what you see then check out the full case study by following the link below.