A social network where high school and college students can connect to talk about colleges.

Role: UX

Date: 2017

Duration: 2 Months

FriendlyU Mockup


I have been the sole user experience designer of FriendlyU for three years. Over that time I designed most of the platform creating both a desktop and mobile solutions. FriendlyU at its core is a social network that connects high school with college students as they are trying to decide on what college to attend.


How do we facilitate the foundations for connections between potential students and college students?


Create a editable profile dashboard that displays the user’s interests and recommends connections based on those common interests. Act as the hub for all tools and features at the high schoolers disposal.

FriendlyU Research


So to organize all this information I decided to categorize it in cards. The most important information like name, school, profile pic into a hero section. Notifications would be the hub that links the users to messaging, schools and connections.

FriendlyU Sketch


I originally put the utilities (Messaging, Connections and College List) in the header and the notifications as a sidebar but I realized from watching high schoolers that the utilities have more importance over notifications. We also wanted to eventually add more utilities and the header doesn't leave a lot of room to expand. So I decided to switch them.

FriendlyU Wireframe


Starting conversations with strangers can be stressful, especially for a high schooler talking to a college student. One way I tackled this was with pins. Pins are Badges on a user’s profile that represent that students interests, hobbies and sports. Pins act as a conversation started with students with similar interests.

FriendlyU Pins

Final Solution

FriendlyU Comp 1

Notification Dropdown

FriendlyU Notification Comp


The experiences at FriendlyU have been unforgettable. I learned how to work closely with developers in an agile environment. Conducting usertesting and making pivotal decisions based on the feedback. I learned the ins and outs of the educational sector both from the student and college side.